Digital Digest

Volatility and the
Digital Transformation

If digital is the currency of the future, how do we rationalize the extreme volatility that triggered the “crypto winter?” Our experts discuss investor concerns and the financial industry’s rebounding interest in digital investments.


2021 ESG Report

Advancing Our Commitment to a More Sustainable Future


Our 2021 ESG Report highlights our progress in many areas. See how we’re operating in an environmentally responsible way, launching new ESG investment strategies, furthering our 10 Actions to Address Racism and Inequality, and enhancing our ESG governance structures.



State Street AlphaSM Adds FundGuard for Accounting

Integrating FundGuard’s highly scalable, cloud-native accounting solution into our State Street AlphaSM platform will help us deliver straight-through processing from portfolio management to administration, providing clients with the critical data they need to better understand investment performance and act on insights.



Market Insights

The Weaponization of the US Dollar and Its Impact

ESG Report

Despite being central to the global monetary and financial system, US dollar dominance does not come without its own set of challenges. Learn more about the factors affecting the US dollar’s status in the trade world, and how they may impact the financial world order.

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United Through Diversity

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Marcia Rothschild, head of State Street for Latin America and the Caribbean, reflects on the importance of unity because of, not in spite of, our differences. She also highlights the need for developing and retaining diverse talent, as well as how to incorporate diversity into business decision-making.

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