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Futures and Options

Clearing Solutions

For more than 70 exchanges, we provide clearing and post-trade solutions — as either a direct member or through third-party intermediaries. Our focus is on supporting the highest quality institutional clients so you benefit from our financial strength, and receive efficient, flexible and reliable service throughout the trade lifecycle.

Operational Efficiency

When you use our Clearing services along with Custody services, you can improve your operational workflow by tapping into our capabilities as both a custodian and futures clearing broker. Our integrated solutions will help you reduce administration time and costs while maintaining safety of your assets.

Margin Management & Reporting

With our Clear Connect portal, you can access real-time trades, positions, and balances through a single, secure interface. Our security framework and personalization features let you optimize data presentation and ensure information security. You’ll have flexible configurations for managing your margin approval workflow, sophisticated data queries, and report creation and delivery.