Global Markets

Access Creates Value

We strive to enhance and preserve the value of your portfolio by providing easier access to integrated liquidity, financing and research.
We back our trading and securities lending solutions with proprietary technology that mitigates risk, and with flow research that offers insights into investor behavior.

Awards and Recognition

Flexibility and Local Insights

Innovative Liquidity Solutions

Our consistently high credit ratings and global scale mean you have access to liquidity wherever you see investment opportunities. Our comprehensive liquidity offering includes portfolio solutions, foreign exchange and unified electronic trading across multiple open-source architecture platforms.

Support Across Transactions

Diverse Financing Options

We offer the channels, choices and products that make financing and cash management simpler and more efficient. You can access our solutions individually or combine them to maximize opportunities for alpha generation and effective funding of investment strategies.


Gaining an Information Edge

Asset Intelligence

It’s all about insights. Our proprietary research tools and indicators help you sift through vast amounts of data and better understand the issues and trends impacting global markets. By providing you with fact-based research, you can derive information about market action, resulting in more educated execution decisions.

Solutions for Better Performance

Outsourced Trading

By outsourcing your trading functions, you can focus more resources on designing your portfolio management plans and reduce costs, while gaining access to the scale, liquidity, best execution and technology of a larger trading operation.