Fact-Based Research

Generating returns in the complex and fast-paced financial markets requires targeted research and a deep understanding of the factors influencing investors and assets. We partner with some of the world’s leading academics in the areas of investor behavior, asset allocation and risk, ESG investing, private equity, inflation and economics, media sentiment and performance measurement to bring you different perspectives that help you make more informed decisions.

We offer a series of proprietary indicators across four key areas:

  • Investor Behavior
    Our indicators provide daily insights into investor preferences for risk across geographies, asset classes, sectors and styles, along with a better understanding of the implications for risk and return across the global investment landscape.
  • Risk Mitigation
    We developed our risk indices to help clients understand returns, manage risk exposure, optimize performance and manage liquidity. Our turbulence indices go beyond standard volatility measures to capture unusual correlation shifts across asset classes. Our systematic risk indices measure market fragility by calculating the concentration of risks in global markets. Overall, our risk indices offer quantitative, analytical and modeling techniques for enhanced portfolio management.
  • Online Inflation Trends
    With our inflation series, clients can access real-time insight into global inflation trends and currency valuations. Developed in partnership with PriceStats®, our Inflation and Purchasing Power Parity indices scan hundreds of public retailer websites around the world each night, tracking the aggregate daily fluctuations of more than five million products sold online in 22 countries.

  • Analysis of Media Sentiment
    Our MediaStats series provides clients with an indicator of media-based sentiment, drawn from a daily scan of more than 100,000 sources. Our advanced technology gathers, scores and processes thousands of news articles daily, enabling clients to evaluate the impact of online chatter on companies, sectors, global equity and currency markets over time.Combining these proprietary inputs with our experience of global market trends, our macro strategy research provides clients a deeper insight into the key market questions of the day. Our Macro Strategy team can help you distill investment conclusions from this vast information set, put insights in the context of market events and formulate strategies.

Data and research are available where and when you want them through:  

  • Face-to-face meetings specialists
  • Conferences and roundtable events
  • Our Insights portal that houses our research and interactive charts, and allows clients to construct and evaluate portfolios
  • Customized editions of our work to suit specific investment mandates