Enhanced Custody

When evaluating a financing provider and the risks associated with traditional prime brokerage, it makes sense to consider alternative ways to finance your long/short portfolios. Through unique and innovative financing arrangements, our Enhanced Custody platform supports a wide range of clients from alternative investment managers to mainstream asset owners and asset managers.

As your partner, we aim to offer a prime brokerage-like experience with the additional security of a trusted custodian. Using our platform, you can borrow and finance securities within a segregated custody account, instead of using a broker-dealer account.

With significant industry experience across prime brokerage and custody services, we offer a range of value-add services, including self-borrowing, memo-pledging and repledge of collateral, as well as Direct Access Lending, our managed peer-to-peer lending program. You benefit from a new channel for financing, with greater visibility and control over your assets.