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Insurance Accounting Solutions

To effectively manage your investment data, you need the right tools and information to meet multi-basis accounting requirements — including local generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), tax, statutory, management and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). With PAM®, our comprehensive accounting and management platform, you’ll have the full picture you need.

PAM is highly flexible and configured to operate across your asset classes, currencies and portfolio types. It provides transaction management, cash management, reporting, recordkeeping and valuation — in a single system. With several accounting parameter choices, you can define accounting rules to create a processing environment that meets your needs.

You can choose PAM as hosted software plus service or as a local software installation with an easy-to-use interface to help you instantly analyze and manage data.

PAM® for Investments

With PAM® for Investments, you’ll have a flexible investment accounting platform that grows with your business, including:

  • Asset coverage. Our solution lets you do accounting in all asset classes – equities, fixed income, derivatives, structured products, options, futures, swaps, real estate investments, private placements, bank loans and pension funds.
  • Flexibility. You can mix and match your data across asset classes and managers, with the access to performance measurement, attribution and analysis that you need.
  • Rapid data conversion. PAM automates and integrates the input process, saving you valuable time.
  • Accessibility. With the SaaS-based ePAM® application, our platform will keep your team plugged in and on task from anywhere in the world. ePAM® gives you a robust investment accounting system without the costs of licensing, installing and maintaining a mission-critical application.
  • Streamlined reporting. Our platform gives you easy, efficient reporting, with a separate database to maximize reporting capabilities while choosing the options you need to view your data.

PAM® for Mortgages

PAM® for Mortgages supports your accounting, management and servicing of commercial mortgage assets, across complex financial instruments like adjustables, tiered loans, workout structures and many investors.

With PAM you can track loans from beginning to end, from the initial commitment to the final administration, with current, rigorous data you can trust.

PAM® for Reconciliation

Using outdated approaches and manual spreadsheets? You may not be putting your data to the best use. With our PAM® for Reconciliation solution, we work with you to optimize the way you do business. You’ll be in a stronger position to identify and resolve exceptions, enhance efficiency, increase regulatory control and mitigate risk.  

Here’s how:

  • Enhance efficiency by eliminating multiple control system using our flexible, user-intuitive interface   
  • Mitigate operational risk with quick, real-time matching of large data volumes to identify exceptions earlier. 
  • Improve operational controls with a clear workflow and approval processes, including documentation retention.  

PAM® for UVT

The quality of your processing system can mean the difference between keeping and losing revenue. To automate your variable annuity products and improve accuracy, turn to PAM® for Unit Value Trade (UVT), our complete unit value pricing and trading solution. PAM for UVT supports you across tasks, with advanced technology to streamline processing — eliminating manual work and reducing errors. Our platform delivers the many benefits of automated pricing and trading, with a range of methods to determine unit value, along with tax schedule reporting, SEC performance reporting, accounting, corrections processing and financial reporting.

PAM for UVT will help you organize the processes around your variable annuity products, so you can improve efficiency, reduce expenses and keep more of your revenue.