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State Street Cash Management Services

In a fast-changing global market, it’s essential to have quick, real-time access to business-critical information.

When it comes to managing and reporting on your cash portfolio, or processing payments, you must be able to respond immediately to market changes.

Choose us as your business cash management services provider to gain greater control over your reporting, payments and overall daily cash position — and consolidate your global cash movements across all your banking providers.

Work anywhere, anytime

Today’s technology means you’re never out of touch. Whether at your desk, at home or on the move, you should be able to make and act on decisions about your capital. That’s why we provide our cash management solution via desktop and mobile.

Work via desktop, using our core client platform, or use our Springboard app — available for tablets and smartphones. Both offer a single point of access to all your State Street investments and cash management activities. You’ll have the flexibility to monitor and manage your working capital more effectively and more easily — wherever you are.

We’ll also help you stay on top of daily cash and trade information with alerts, views, reports and queries.

Simple, fast, secure

Whether on desktop or mobile, you’ll be able to quickly access high-level information that’s critical to your role, and then drill straight into the detail when you need it. Customize the information you see, and the order in which it’s displayed, to create a user experience that fits your specific requirements.

We’ll also strive to maintain the security of your data, and your clients’ data. Whether at your desk or on the go, we take care to architect security deep into our online tools.

A quick response, when you need it

Our flexible approach to liquidity management, which includes a variety of active and passive investment options, allows you to move money on short notice to meet critical deadlines.

With State Street cash management services you can take advantage of our automated sweep capabilities, online services and dedicated trading desks. And invest in bank deposits, repurchase agreements or money market instruments.

You can also invest any surplus liquidity by placing overnight or fixed time deposits in multiple currencies directly with our worldwide network of treasury centers.

The service you’d expect

We back all our technology with the support of our global client service teams and in-depth training tools, so you have the resources you need when you need them. And our business continuity program helps provide the extra peace of mind you need in a payment platform.