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Investment Services and Support

Fund Administration Services

With the ever-increasing focus on transparency, managing funds effectively is critical. But we know integrating systems, automating processes and consolidating data is costly and time consuming.

State Street's fund administration services can help you comply with regulatory, financial and tax reporting requirements. Whatever your goals and strategies, we can support your needs — from a traditional investment approach to complex and hybrid multi-manager and pooled fund structures.

Turn to our fund administration services for:

  • Regulatory and shareholder reporting, filings to governing bodies and other reports
  • Composition services for end-to-end automated reporting
  • Compliance services, with monitoring and reporting for regulatory and investment guidelines
  • Performance and statistical reporting, providing a variety of views across asset classes, down to the security level
  • Expense budgeting, with an automated, integrated process for budgeting, accruals and payments
  • Global tax services to handle your global tax requirements
  • Audit oversight
  • Regulatory and board meeting tasks: includes preparing board materials and drafting minutes, and providing board book content recommendations
  • Fund compliance issues and writing compliance programs
  • General consulting services