Global Credit Finance

Credit and Liquidity Solutions

When it comes to your investments, mitigating liquidity risk and minimizing cost is key. With a broad array of credit and liquidity products spanning various investment strategies and sectors, we create solutions to support our client’s financing needs drawing from our long-standing global expertise. 

With more than 20 years of providing global credit financing to some of the world’s largest asset managers, we understand the challenges our clients face and have developed seamless solutions to help meet them.

Fund Finance

As a global institutional lending business, we originate, underwrite and manage credit facilities in the United States and around the world. Our products include lines of credit, term loans and standby letters of credit, serving global asset managers of regulated, lightly regulated and unregulated funds.

We are a market leader in providing liquidity and leverage financing for real money funds and continue to rapidly expand our presence in alternatives, including private equity capital call and business development company financing. We also support the credit and liquidity needs of corporations, insurance companies, investment advisors and personal trusts.

We support the US and European collateralized loan obligation (CLO) collateral managers by participating in their transactions in loan form. We have built a meaningful portfolio of AAA investments and our willingness to participate in these CLOs can be a key differentiator among service providers.

Commercial Real Estate

Our Commercial Real Estate lending program targets financing opportunities ranging from US$20 million to US$100 million on commercial real estate properties with moderate leverage. We provide senior loans on major property types and mainly on high-quality, stabilized assets in major metropolitan statistical areas in the US. We offer competitive pricing, flexible prepay structures and can provide fixed and floating rate options with tenors between three and 12 years.

Municipal Finance

Whether you access the capital markets with variable rate demand obligations and commercial paper or prefer direct lending alternatives, we have credit solutions to help you achieve your financing goals. Backed by our strong and stable ratings1, standby bond purchase agreements and letters of credit support efficient bond issuances by municipalities in the capital markets. If funding source diversification is your goal, we also offer loans and lines of credit directly.

Stable Value Wrap

As a committed partner to our asset manager and plan sponsor clients for more than 20 years, we deliver highly valued bank wrap capacity in support of stable value funds, providing liquidity at book value for participants of retirement and college saving plans.


1 State Street Credit Ratings